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These earbuds also come with magnets that allow you to keep them secure when hanging around your nec

While connected with the wired cable, you can use the T20 as a pair of old-school earphones. While this isn’t the most water-resistant; you can safely use it in the gym or if you are caught in a light shower, it should manage to hold up to the elements of nature. On the cable, there is an in-line remote control and microphone unit that reaches up to the right earbud.Design, BuildWhen it comes to the design of these earphones, the RHA T20 Wireless looks similar to every other neckband-style earphones available in the market. The newly launched earphones packs in all the best China cable and wire Suppliers qualities of its predecessor such as above-average audio quality, interchangeable tuning filters and more all in a cord-free format.The biggest design change of the T20 Wireless is undoubtedly the wireless functionality.

These earbuds also come with magnets that allow you to keep them secure when hanging around your neck. However, in a bid not to isolate any section of its fans; RHA has also added a wired functionality here. There’s the bass filter, the treble filter and a reference/neutral filter. Hot on the heels of the awesome TrueConnect, RHA has recently introduced the T20 Wireless earphones in the Indian market.There are dust and protection certification thrown in here as well with the T20 Wireless rated at IP64. This feature is rarely found on earphones and it is actually quite a big deal. These filters come as a part of the packaging and are colour coded. . Unlike some of the completion out there, the housing of the earbuds here is a bit bulky as they appear to be custom-built to house the dual-drivers.Another chief feature of the RHA T20 Wireless is that it comes with a variety of tuning filters. This will appease the traditionalists who feel that wired earphones have a substantially better audio quality.

Yes! You read that right! The earpieces can be unscrewed from the cabling and attached to a wired cable that’s a part of the packaging. Attaching them to the earpiece is a cakewalk and are easily hot-swappable. Like the rest of the earphones, this unit is built of premium materials and boasts a multifunctional button that is in charge of playback, answering calls and your voice assistant. The in-line remote also features volume rockers that apart from adjusting the volume can also control shuffling between tracks. It has to be said that these magnets are not the strongest and they come undone pretty easily. Out of the box, the T20 Wireless are attached with the neutral filter; but depending on your mood of the hour or the genre you listen to often, you can screw on whichever filter you want. With the earbuds finished in matte black with silver accents, there is a fair sense of understated appeal that shows off the premium design of the RHA T20 Wireless.Comfort level is a top priority when it comes to earphones and the T20 Wireless are no exception.

As the name suggests, the RHA T20 Wireless is a Bluetooth version of the audiophile-grade RHA T20i wired earphones. Earlier this year, we tested the RHA TrueConnect true wireless earphones and they exceeded all our expectations.Rating: Glasgow-based RHA has grown by leaps and bounds since the few short years of its existence.The neckband is constructed from a soft, flexible material that features a power/pairing button on one side along with a USB Type-C port for charging the earphones. The RHA T20 Wireless sets itself apart from competitors by offering detachable earbuds. With that being said, it’s best to keep it protected as there are open posts such as the USB-C charging port which can cause you some issues if some water accidentally gets in it.

This feature is pretty common with wired earphones, but extremely rare with Bluetooth earphones and we are glad that RHA has added this highly welcome feature. The brand is famous for offering a range of audio products across varied prices with the sole aim of providing audiophile-grade products without any compromises to the masses. It comes in one colour — matte Black and has a rubber-like exterior that encases the neckband while the black cables reach the earbuds.We now take a look at the RHA T20 wireless earphones and break down the reasons why they should be your next pair of audiophile-grade earphones. Better to be safe than sorry with this pricey option

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Asked for clarification about the reported sale of the submarine cable business and its implications

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said on Wednesday it was “very actively” interested in building the first undersea fibre-optic cable between South America and Asia. national security, a charge the company has denied.“Huawei will be very actively participating in this business opportunity,” he said in an interview.

Asked for clarification about the reported sale of the submarine cable business and its implications, the company’s head of public affairs Weiqiang Zou said the deal was not confirmed.S.David Dou Yong, Huawei’s chief executive in Chile, told Reuters the company was eagerly following the public tender process initiated by Chile in July and would participate when bids were invited for the trans-Pacific construction.Dou Yong told Reuters there were no agreements in place with government yet but that Huawei would keep pressing for state business.“We look on Chile as the benchmark for the whole of Latin America,” he said.U.

We are ready and we will follow the process until the bid to select a vendor to implement it starts and for sure we will be part of the tender process..On Wednesday Huawei launched a data centre with locally-hosted cloud storage services in Santiago, an investment of more than USD 100 million.S..Huawei has lobbied the Chilean government to store its data in the cloud.The move would represent Huawei’s first major asset sale since the United States ratcheted up accusations the Chinese firm is a vehicle for espionage, raising doubts about undersea cable construction projects Huawei has interests in around the world.

“This is something that came out a few months ago but it is not confirmed and there is no final decision,” he said.Documents reviewed by Reuters show that in the past three years, senior Huawei executives have held dozens of meetings with city mayors and government ministers and officials from the Chilean police, its central bank, its tax authority, its army, the state development agency and the ministries of mining, health, economy, transport, energy and interior to lobby for cloud computing China cable and wire Suppliers and facial recognition software technology.

President Donald Trump’s administration effectively blacklisted Huawei in mid-May, alleging it was involved in activities that compromise U.”His comments came two months after another Chinese telecoms firm, Hengtong Optic-Electric Co Ltd, said in a filing with the Shanghai Stock Exchange that it had signed a letter of intent with Huawei to buy its 51 per cent stake in Huawei Marine Systems Co Ltd, the company’s submarine cable business, via cash and share issuance.“This bidding process has several steps .

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The broadcast takes the route of distribution network and reaches viewers either through DTH

"The distributors of TV channels may offer discounts on the carriage fee rate declared by them not exceeding 35 per cent boundary cable of the rate of the carriage fee declared," Trai said.In the broadcast sector, there are a number of intermediaries between a broadcaster and the end consumer.At present, two separate regulatory frameworks are applicable for inter-connection of HITS (head-end in the sky operator), IPTV and DTH, and cable TV services.Besides, "no carriage fee is to be paid by a broadcaster if the subscription of the channel is more than or equal to 20 per cent of the subscriber base".

As per the Draft Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable Services) Inter-connection (Addressable Systems) Regulations, 2016, a common inter-connection rule when implemented would foster competition, promote orderly growth and result in better quality of services at affordable prices to subscribers.New Delhi: In a move to check arm-twisting practices and bring in more transparency in broadcasting business, regulator Trai today proposed uniform inter-connection guidelines for transmission of TV channels across all available platforms like cable, DTH and IPTV. HITS is a satellite multiplex service that provides cable channels."The Authority is of the view that the common regulatory framework for inter-connection of all types of addressable systems will ensure a level-playing field among different service providers," Trai said in a note explaining draft norms on inter-connection issued today.

The regulator has proposed prohibition of any exclusive agreement between the broadcaster and the distributor of a channel that can prevent any other distributor from obtaining TV channels of such a broadcaster for distribution.."The DPOs (Distribution Platform Operators) would be able to compete with each other based on their own strengths if the signals of TV channels are provided to them on equal terms," Trai maintained.The regulator has proposed "must-carry provision for all addressable systems on first-come first-serve basis".At present, two separate regulatory frameworks are applicable for inter-connection of HITS, IPTV and DTH, and cable TV services. According to Trai, transparency and non-discrimination at various levels of broadcast distribution chain will lead to healthy competition in the sector.Similarly, it has proposed to prohibit such exclusive agreements between a distributor of TV channels with a broadcaster that prevents any other broadcasters from obtaining access to the network of such a distributor.

The broadcast takes the route of distribution network and reaches viewers either through DTH, cable operator or an IPTV.The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in the draft has proposed capping of carriage fee charged by distribution networks like DTH players, cable operators for transmitting TV channels at 20 paise per channel per user. Trai has also incorporated a provision to curb discrimination among different tiers of TV channel distribution network through discriminatory discounts

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One man was charged in November with threatening to kill US Rep

Having celebrities speak out can help spark people’s interest, she said. Next week, the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on gutting Obama-era rules meant to stop broadband companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet.Since the FCC announced just before Thanksgiving that it was planning to gut the rules, there have been about 750,000 calls to Congress made through Battle for the Net, a website run by groups that advocate for net neutrality. In one Facebook group about leggings seller LuLaRoe, one woman’s lament about the repeal triggered more than 270 responses. Democratic senators have called for a delay in next Thursday’s vote, while Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel urged backers to “make a, hundreds of thousands of comments came from one address in Russia and many comments were duplicates. Republican campaign officials didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.”The liberal organization MoveOn is urging Americans to speak up for net neutrality.Meanwhile, net-neutrality supporters protested outside 700 Verizon stores Thursday, said Tim Karr, senior director of strategy for Free Press, an advocacy group involved in Battle for the Net.

Net neutrality is a simple concept but a dense and often technical issue normally discussed in tech and telecom circles. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his staff have called out ugly and racist tweets and death threats.“Protests that draw average people out into the streets across the country are relatively rare,” she said. Big-time Hollywood producer Shonda Rhimes tweeted a link to a story about saving net-neutrality on her lifestyle website.”Most people don’t follow what federal agencies like the FCC are doing, even though decisions can have a lot of impact on people’s lives, said Beth Leech, the political science professor at Rutgers University. John Katko and his family if the New York Republican didn’t support net neutrality. Phone and cable companies say the rules aren’t necessary because they already support an open internet, and have lobbied hard for their repeal.. In midtown Manhattan, some 350 people came to chant slogans and wave signs.Celebrity complaints and street protests aren’t likely to stop the agency’s vote on Thursday, but activists hope the China lawn mower cable Manufacturers growing outcry will push Congress to intervene and will show support for stricter regulation down the road. Now it’s hit the mainstream. Ed Markey, D-Mass.

One man was charged in November with threatening to kill US Rep. The FCC says millions of comments used temporary email accounts from fakemailgenerator., a longtime net neutrality supporter, said on a call with reporters. Share what you loved about The Internet,” actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted as he urged people to push Congress to intervene.“Net neutrality has the potential to motivate young and progressive voters to turn out,” said Tyler Law, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which works to get Democrats elected to the House.Critics of the rules say that they hurt investment in internet infrastructure and represent too much government involvement in business. By contrast, there were fewer than 30,000 calls in the first two weeks of November. The discussion sprawled into the next day.” Some Democrats are hoping that any rollback of net neutrality rules will become a campaign rallying cry in 2018 and beyond. Pai also said activists came to his home to post signs that referenced his children.Net neutrality also has triggered discussions all over social media, even in groups that typically don’t discuss tech policy.

If the net-neutrality rules are repealed, she said, “it’s just another showcase of oligarchy upon America.Net neutrality has been a hot button before; thanks to assists from Silicon Valley and TV host John Oliver speaking out about what they see as threats to the internet. More Hollywood celebrities have been joining the cry against the agency’s direction.Net-neutrality rules bar cable and phone companies from favouring certain websites and apps — such as their own services — and give the FCC more oversight over privacy and the activities of telecom companies.“Access to a free and fair internet is necessary for a functioning democracy,” said Lauren Gruber, a writer for a branding agency who joined the New York protest. An August study by a data firm backed by the telecom industry found that 60 percent of the comments made this year supported keeping the 2015 rules. They included questions about what net neutrality was, links to explanations and statements of support.

While Congress doesn’t need to approve FCC decisions, it can overrule the agency by passing a law. “It’s the rarity that gives them some of their power.But the commenting system has been messy.“Long live cute dog videos on YouTube! #RIPinternet.“There will be a political price to pay for those who are on the wrong side of this issue because net neutrality’s time as a campaign issue has arrived,” Sen.Some net-neutrality supporters have become intensely personal in their advocacy. While libertarian and conservative think tanks and telecom trade groups have spoken up against net neutrality, everyday people have been vocal in protesting the rules’ repeal.The FCC’s commenting system has logged 23 million comments, compared with roughly 4 million for the last blockbuster issue — when the agency approved the net-neutrality rules in 2015. Supporters worry that repealing them would hurt start-ups and other companies that couldn’t afford to pay a broadband company for faster access to customers

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A dual clutch transmission delivers lightning-quick gear changes

Dual Clutch Transmission The A4 is the only car in its segment that offers a 7-speed dual clutch transmission as standard. It was always a good sedan to have, and now with subtle changes to the exterior and a new potent petrol motor under its hood, it has become more desirable than ever. The A4 not just sets a benchmark with its number of new features, it also sets a benchmark in terms of the engine size. All you have to do is place your phone on the charging plate in the front armrest storage box and it will not just charge your phone but also boost its signal reception. 3. It has what is commonly known as tri-zone climate control air conditioning system, a segment-first feature.

A dual clutch transmission delivers lightning-quick gear changes and enhanced fuel efficiency as well, two tasks other automatic transmission types cannot achieve at the same time. So, now you can project your smartphone's screen on the MMI display in the A4 by just connecting it via a USB or Lightning cable and use it like you do your phone. It sports the smallest engine in its segment, a 1. This feature allows the passengers and the driver to adjust the air conditioner's temperature and speed according to their own liking without having to ask the driver or front passenger to do so. This feature helps you re-charge your smartphone without having to connect it via a cable in the car.1. Undoubtedly, the A4 is one of the top-selling vehicles from the premium automaker. However, that’s not all. You can choose either the Classic or the Progressive display view of the Virtual Cockpit.4-litre four-cylinder TFSI engine that churns out 150PS of peak power. 3-zone climate control A/C.

The A4 comes with automatic climate control not just for the driver but for the front passenger and the rear-row passengers as well. It is the first fully-digital instrument cluster to be introduced in a car fire alarm cable Suppliers of its class and focuses on relaying all the necessary information to the driver right behind the steering wheel. The Virtual Cockpit shows the driver the required navigation and infotainment information in addition to the usual info like trip meter and odometer.5. This gearbox is called S-Tronic transmission and replaces the CVT its predecessor had. 2. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Functionality Audi's MMI is familiar to most of the people who read about cars but what they may not know is this - Audi is the first to add both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality to its cars in its segment. Here they are. 4. Virtual Cockpit Without a shadow of doubt, the Virtual Cockpit is the biggest reason why the A4 has been launched with so much fanfare.German automaker Audi has finally launched the new A4 in India.

Wireless charging The Audi A4 brings another segment-first feature to its class - wireless charging in the car. It also boasts five segment-first features which enable the A4 to stand out of the competition. On the whole, with its refreshing design and an array of luxury and comfort-filled features, you just cannot ignore the new A4 if you are on the lookout for a new luxury saloon!Source: CarDekho

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The control buttons have been housed on the right side earcup in the circular fashions

Most of the audio tracks lent enjoyable stereo effect making us feel properly involved into the music.Battery: The headphones are fuelled by a 300mAh battery which, boAt claims provides upto 12 hours of backup. Among the four buttons available on the earcup, you get a dedicated key for answering calls along with volume up/down key which act as next/previous music track control when double clicked.Design and Build: The Rockerz 430 is available in three colour options — Black, Red/Gray and Green/Gray. This makes boAt the company with most affordable wireless on-ear headphones with Mic support.It comes with the adjustable headband and the unit can also be folded from the hinges for easy storage. The soft cushion on the earcups and inside the headband come dipped in flashy Red along with Gray PU material flowing on the outer bits and silver plastic ring on the earcup. The support for the AUX turns out a benefit to give you non-stop usage even when the battery fully discharges. Apart from working as a wireless headphone, it can also be connected with the media source via the auxiliary cable which comes bundled along with the headphones.The wireless headphone have been priced at Rs 1,995.While the audio quality blows you away up to a certain volume level (say till 70 per cent), exceeding that infuses a slight amount of distortion with rattling noise.

The control buttons have been housed on the right side earcup in the circular fashions. We found a few glitches such as the buttons not functioning while connected with AUX and the mic not transmitting proper audio during calls when connected through Bluetooth. The Rockerz 430 provide commendable noise isolation owing to the cushion and fitting of the headphone with just minimal ambient noise creeping in. You also get a boundary wire Suppliers mini-USB cable for charging the unit. Weirdly, the buttons don’t work when connected with the AUX cable and, although they work during Bluetooth connection, there’s a delay in operations. The company has launched various products incorporating wireless technology and one of them is the Rockerz 430 Bluetooth on-ear headphones.Verdict: As an audio accessory, the boAt Rockerz 430 can be considered as an impressive proposition at the price tag of Rs 1,995.boAt has managed to appeal a wide chunk of masses with its audio accessories consisting of affordable yet impressive offerings. The power button can also be used for pause/play control. However, the sound quality while watching movies and listening to songs is where it scores all the points giving you an immersive audio experience with punchy bass and treble along with crisp vocals.

Thus, for finding out how well do the boAt Rockerz 430 headphones perform, we spent a few days with it, listening to the melodies of various genres, watching movies and playing games.1 technology along with 40mm dynamic drivers and CSR 8636 chip. When connected via Bluetooth, we witnessed our audio being heard overly soft on the other end but the headphones emitted clear audio from the speaker.. The mids and lows are efficiently handled with bass and treble well balanced and the vocals being delivered with top notch clarity.0 echo cancellation technology for enhanced audio quality. Once you adjust the headband size suitable for your skull, it stays firm on that setting.0 echo cancellation technology which works decently but only when connected with the cable. A better status indicating mechanism would have been appreciated. There are brands such as Motorola, Skullcandy and JBL which offer Bluetooth headphones in a similar price range but they are a tad costly (above Rs 2,500). While that may sound like an overstatement but it did manage to return a good 9 to 10 hours of battery backup. While the keys are tactile and easy to manage, the quality of plastic feels a bit flimsy. However, the rivals are well established brands and boAt may give rise to questions about its reliability. However, this is not till the extent of being intrusive and we normally don’t listen to the audio at such high volumes.

The cushion used on the headband and earcups is soft and make the long listening sessions extremely comfortable.Performance:The boAt Rockerz 430 works on the 40mm dynamic drivers for delivering the audio. We got the Red colour variant in our possession which seek a lot of attention owing to its bright shade. In terms of performance, the headphone left us profoundly impressed with its immersive and crisp audio experience.For speaking on calls, the Rockerz 430 come with CVC 6. In fact, the bass feels highly dominating for a few songs which could be a treat for the bass-heads.While the headphones have been designed in a simplistic way, the quality of materials used are nice and sturdy. The units was topped up in around 2 to 3 hours via the accompanied mini-USB cable. The status of the headphone is indicated by an LED which could been seen in a tiny hole besides the mini USB port.For making phone calls, a mic has been incorporated which the company says is supported by the CVC6.Features: The Rockerz 430 headphones from boAt come integrated with Bluetooth 4

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